Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF)

Film making processes has been changed a lot with the advent of new technologies, especially handheld digital devices like smartphone. This has opened doors for filmmakers by creating an environment where talent, creativity and hard work counts more than budget and industry connections. Believing that anybody with a thought-provoking concept or a touchy story can make a great film, the festival will showcase works of new generation and find talented students using a tool so simple and readily available that it’s often overlooked: mobile phone.

Samawa Cinema

Samawa Cinema is a group in Iraq working five years ago in the screening of films in cooperation with various cultural institutions. Movies are displayed in different dates, and in different regions. There are no prizes, only certificates are awarded for the films being picked.There are multiple events, all year round and even after the specified date we can choose movies in a special event. We are holding various agreements inside and outside Iraq by providing films to participate in festivals and others as well.


UNKNOWN FILM FESTIVAL is the best platform for amateur filmmakers around the world that provides a stage for short films, animations, visual arts and any variations of branded content. 
The mission of the UFF is to discover the most innovative independent filmmakers and to make them known all over the world. At the UFF, we focus on the film.

The aim of the UFF is to discover new talents and possibly create further opportunities for them in the Russian and international filmmaking industry. It is the time when young filmmakers can speak to the world and share their works.