Wular Lake International Short Film Festival

After the grand success of 1st & 2nd edition of Wular Lake International Short-Film Festival at 'Auditorium G.D.C Baramulla', we are glad to announce the 3rd edition.

Lahore International Children's Film Festival

Quality films to entertain inspire and educate children and youth
Pakistan’s largest annual children’s film festival, host the flagship event in Lahore and screens quality films to thousands of kids every year across Pakistan

Presenting the best of local and international films for children in genre such as shorts, animations, documentaries and child-made films.

Let’s entertain, inspire and educate!

siffcy - 'Smile International Film Festival for Children & Youth

The Idea Behind

We strongly believe that film represents much more than entertainment; this is the most powerful medium to depict the reality and emulate values. Film becomes an interesting and engaging alternative to stimulate discussion among young people about vital personal, societal, moral and world issues.