Mov(i)e Activism

The International Activist Documentary Film Festival Mov(i)e Activism is a film festival organised by an international group of young people who recognised the need to speak in public about youth activism. The aim of this project is to enhance video-activism, intercultural cooperation and citizenship among young people from Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Latvia and Serbia.

Festival Prix de Court

Ce festival du court métrage aux Antilles-Guyane est une nécessité absolue pour aider à l’éclosion de nos talents, permettre la diffusion de nos histoires, favoriser l’expression de notre culture, œuvrer à la valorisation de notre patrimoine.

This short film festival in the French West Indies is an absolute necessity to help the emergence of our talents, to allow the diffusion of our stories, to promote the expression of our culture, to work for the valorization of our heritage.

Lost Land International Short Film Festival

Lost Land International Short Film Festival is a free-to-enter film festival which was created to help raise funds for organisations that help refugees. It is our belief that no one should suffer because they had to flee their own country. The current crisis is unbearable and getting worse. Organisations such as Help Refugee are doing all they can and need funds to operate.

We hope that by organising this film festival we can make a difference.

There are 3 categories, Life and Hope and a special non-competitive Made by Us category.