Newcastle international Film and Television Festival

The Newcastle International Film and Television Festival (NiFT) aims to showcase the best of independent film and television from across the world alongside a program of educational, pioneering and engaging workshops, panels and roundtables run by leading industry practitioners.

Hosted annually in Newcastle upon Tyne, the capital city of North East England in October 2019, the festival is dedicated to supporting, developing and promoting independent filmmakers with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, emerging technology and innovation, education and enterprise.

i.P.A.S. - Independent Political/Activism Short Film Festival

The i.P.A.S. Film Festival running for the 3rd Year and presented by The Default Project, is dedicated to the work of film makers from around the world with defiantly independent political and social visions. It is the first political and activist short film festival ever held in Greece.

Our mission is to promote the films of low-budget filmmakers that dissent radically in form or content from the mainstream, challenging the boundaries of the commercial distribution, and to present imaginative works that dare to spark off heated discussions and transcend audience expectations.

48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project is a short film Marathon, Write-shoot-edit a 4/7 minutes short in 2 days. We are present in 14 french cities.
ll the films are screened in a theatre and the best films are selected for Filmapalooza the international competition gathering 130 filmmakers from cities all around the world.

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