Amsterdam Film Festival Awards

Welcome to the Amsterdam Film Festival Awards!

The Amsterdam Film Festival Awards is held in the capital of Netherlands.
The location of the event is a beautiful Pathé Tuschinski movie theater.

Providing a young, fresh and exciting perspective to today’s world of cinema, we seek to showcase and honor innovative and exciting voices in the international film communities. Our goal is to recognize a large and diverse selection of films from all genres and from all over the world.

Malta Film Festival

3nd Malta Film Festival, Event Date: August 25, 2018 to August 26, 2018

Eden Cinema Malta

London Classic Film Festival

London Classic Film Festival showcases features, shorts, documentaries, animation, music videos and experimental works by filmmakers all around the world.

LCFF Mission takes inspiration from the Film Festival Mission Statement, which believes in providing equal opportunities for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and foreign participants “in a spirit of openness that embraces all cultures, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, or sect".