OUT OF THE CAN FILM FESTIVAL is a new and exciting 2nd Festival that will be held at the Derby Quad In August 2018 the festival will have two days screening on 4th August from 12pm till 6pm and on 5th August from 1.30pm till 6pm with a awards being given out on the 5th August from 6pm.
We will also be supporting a local Charity Cash For Kids at the festival.

Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival

These days in Marano……years ago I barely knew them and then I have known them more and more, more; I saw the passion, then I saw that it involved Tom, Dick, then schools, the twinning-projects ... I said we are on the right track, because these things, done in this way, are huge, you know! Maybe you could say, they are small things: it is not the Venice film festival, it is not Cannes, no! News, catwalks that never end! Here the most beautiful walkway is you guys, with your commitment, with your way of being.

Psaroloco International Children's & Young People's Film Festivals

Kyklos is a civil non-profit organization based in Pireaus, which aims to promote the cinematography and to raise awareness as far as environmental issues are concerned.

The main activity of the company is the organization of the International Short Film Festival of Psarokokalo, an independent initiative which aims to screen films of young cinematographers from all around the world and to showcase and promote the short films.