Fashion Film Fest Istanbul

4th Fashion Film Festival Istanbul
03-04 NOVEMBER, 2018

Anarchy Film Festival

Elevate Young Minds and Anarchy Cinema present the Anarchy Film Festival which brings together the best films created by young talent around the world and displays it to an international audience of creatives.

The Film Festival runs alongside the Young Minds Matter Program which has been successfully running for the last 3 years.

This year the festival will take place in Brussels (Belgium) and Lisbon (Portugal) and we want to showcase your films in partnership with Anarchy Cinema.

REFF react film fest

React Film Fest was born from the need to create a showcase and a platform for all types of Shorts: narrative and artistic short films, commercials, video clips, pilot for web series, documentaries and short animation shorts.
The festival mission is, as its name goes, to create a great cinema and audiovisual feast; the artistic direction of the festival intends to give space and reward the art, creativity and the beauty not only with a statuette but with employment contracts, stages, workshops and distribution of the directors and of the works rewarded.