An institution in open dialogue with other artistically creative forces of cinema and their organizers, Bridges International Film Festival of Peloponnese in Greece, continuously expands its communication with other film festivals. This creates a special union among the organizers and their visions of a wide range of cultural expansion. Directors who have participated in the Cyprus International Film Festival are eligible to submit their films in the Bridges International Film Festival, as a joint venture between the two festivals. A unique bond is created this way.

Cyprus International Film Festival

"The Best of the 1st!" Cyprus International Film Festival's goal is to support the first shown filmmakers with their first short or feature film, to meet and exchange cultures for the further development of Cinematographic Art in Cyprus, to promote our historical and cultural heritage,to upgrade our tourism product and to internationally promote our alumni participants.

Festival international du documentaire émergent

Fidé is the first festival in France which is completely dedicated to the international student documentary. It's about any filmed, sound or multimedia work leaning on the reality and which was realized during director's studies. Universities, schools, workshops and students of the whole world participate in it, for about 600 documentaries registered every year. Its principles are the ones of the promotion and the celebration of the student creations, except the usual circuits, in which they rarely find their place.