Women's Adventure Film Tour


The Women's Adventure Film Tour features some of the world's most inspiring women in adventure. This festival is a celebration of the fantastic women around us who are doing extraordinary things.

In a global first it was launched to a sell-out crowd in Sydney in May 2017 before touring to packed theatres around Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. We are pleased to be now bringing the Women's Adventure Film Tour back in 2018 and are looking for films to include as we expand the Women's Adventure Film Tour to new locations.

Partnering with She Went Wild and in Australia, Jean Hailes for Women's Health and Girls Make Your Move, this is an extraordinary chance to have your films included in an event that is advocating for diversity and inclusion in the outdoor industry.

Each night of the Women's Adventure Film Tour includes up to 2 hours of short films that can range from 2 minutes in length up to 30-40 mins.

Awards & Prizes

We will be presenting the inaugural women's adventure film awards to the best women's films. We are looking for films that feature women doing adventure activities and / or that are produced by women focused on adventurous activities in the outdoors.

Films from all over the world will be considered and we would love to see ethnic and cultural diversity represented in the film submissions.

The overall winner of the Women's Adventure Film Awards will receive AUD$2,000 worth of camera / filming equipment as well as recognition as the status of Women's Adventure Film Award winner.

Prizes will be awarded to all other directors whose films are selected for inclusion in the festival.

Rules & Terms

We are looking for submissions that celebrate inspiring women participating in adventure activities. Stories can come from any region. Your piece can be of any length ranging from <5 mins (Clip), 5-25 mins (Short Film) or greater than 25 mins (Feature Film)

There are no time constraints for when the film was produced, nor are there location constraints for where the film takes place, however, priority will be given to films produced in the last 12 months.

Online screeners and digital submissions preferred. Submission by mail will gladly be accepted, but please consider the environment in choosing your packaging material. For formats, please contact the organiser prior to submission of the preferred format (DVD, NTSC, blue ray etc). If a film is in a language other than English it must have English subtitles or dubbing to be considered.

Please include the following in your submission: synopsis of the film and a copy of the film. If your film is selected for inclusion in the Women's Adventure Film Tour you must also provide a trailer extract and still imagery for use in promotion.

By submitting your film, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the following terms:

1. You have all intellectual property rights to all content in the submission and you have the performing rights for any music contained in the film.
2. If requested you will provide evidence of intellectual property ownership should it be required.
3. You agree to allow Aspiring Digital Media Pty Ltd trading as Aspire Outdoor and its successors, licensees and assignees to use your film and any associated photos or extracts in the Women's Adventure Film Tour or any associated women's focused adventure programming in any digital format including cinema projection, video on demand, DVD/Blu-Ray and streaming compilations, anywhere in the world in perpetuity. Films may be shown at multiple screenings. Segments of the films may be used in trailers and marketing. Photographs, screen grabs or filmmaker submitted images may be used in promotional material and social media. Aspire Outdoor may sub-licence this right without further consent.
4. To the best of your knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true.
5. The film submitted is not subject to litigation nor is threatened by any litigation.
6. You are duly authorised to submit this film to the festival and its competition.
7. You understand that the Women's Adventure Film Tour and its owner Aspiring Digital Media Pty Ltd trading as Aspire Outdoor are not responsible for any type of loss or damage to you pertaining to the film or its use by Aspire Outdoor.
8. Final decision on the award winners and films included in the Women's Adventure Film Tour will be at the absolute discretion of the Event Organisers.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair