Willson Oakville Film Festival

The Willson Oakville Film Festival gives local, Canadian and international filmmakers a chance to participate in a true community-oriented festival, which is focused on bringing the best features, documentaries, and short films to cinephiles in the Golden Horseshoe. We have a track record of bringing in filmmakers from around the world, to talk to audiences about their work. We also support local filmmakers, giving them an opportunity to showcase their work in front of a home audience. In its fifth year, The Willson Oakville Film Festival showcases and promotes excellent films in ALL GENRES (drama, comedies, documentaries, shorts, animation) by Canadian and International filmmakers. We are looking for filmmakers who can tell great stories! We are also focusing one film strand (not the whole festival) on youth mental illness, as we highlight an important social issue at our festival each year. The festival is social issues oriented, with thought-provoking films about the human condition, but we also programme most genres, including comedy, drama, film noir, and family features. Through community engagement and sponsorship, we are proud to have been able to support local charities such as Halton Women's Place, Oakville and Milton Humane Society, and the Oakville Community Hospital Foundation. Our website is www.offa.ca.

Awards & Prizes
There is a cash award given for Best Feature, Best documentary, and Best Short film, through our Audience Choice Awards. Our audience is very important to us: you get to vote to determine the best work of the festival.

Rules & Terms
We do not accept features longer than 180 minutes (two and a half hours) and documentaries can be feature length, or 45 minutes or more. If you submit a shorter documentary it will be programmed with another documentary. We accept short films up to 20 minutes long, We do not accept pornography.

If you are successful with features or doc submissions, we would prefer delivery of a DCP for the festival screening. HOWEVER, if you have a short film we accept any HD Quality digital or DVD format, and we will convert your short film to DCP ourselves for the Festival! We also have a deal with a local distributor for the creation of DCPs at heavily discounted rates for our filmmakers, which you have access to if your work is accepted.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair