West Texas Film Festival

Festival Overview
The purpose of the West Texas Film Festival is to attract diverse films from both directors and producers that would not normally be featured in West Texas as well as regional media makers. We seek short films, documentaries, features, animation and student films as well as screenplays from all over the world that have the pioneer spirit of film making.

The festival was started by a grant in 2016 from Odessa Arts awarded to the West Texas Film Commission. The Education Day brings in over 100 high school students in the Permian Basin for workshops on acting, screenwriting, directing and producing. This is the third year of the festival.

The 2018 WTXFF wil feature the following showcases:

Tales of Texas (Nov 15th)
Educational Day (Nov 16th)
WorldView (November 17th)
Artpocalypse (November 17th)

If you have films about Texas or international films, please submit them.

In addition, films about any subject or topic are acceptable for submission.

Please so not email us about fee waivers. We are a small, grant funded festival that relies on submission fees.

Awards & Prizes

Best Feature Film | Best Short Film | Best Documentary Film | Best Student Film |Best Animated Film | Best Screenplay

Winners will receive a 5 gallon Cowboy Hat Award.

Rules & Terms
Open to the public and the world. We will accept films from anyone that can create a good quality film.

All films must either be in English or have English subtitles. No exceptions.

No films less than 5 minutes in length will be accepted.

Students - only one film or screenplay - multiple submissions are not permitted. Please choose your best work and submit a scanned copy of your student ID or a letter indicating the name of your school, college or university.

All films must have all music, image and video clearances completed by the filmmaker(s).

All films should be completed after January 1, 2017.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair