UNDO Divergent Film Awards

We are calling all Dreamers, Misfits, Visionaries and Rebels. We want to spark the artistic and creative realm of film-making and discover the new films with true significance, passion and vanguard.

We promote our films through relevant Media and networks and within the International film community. We have selected Media Partners that will hype the Festival and our films.

We foster our Official Selection and celebrate it as part of our History. UNDO is a synergistic open field with an online network connecting all creative minds, worldwide. The Awards ceremony is THE event to socialize, gather and make new contacts.

The annual Undo Film Awards will be a privileged space for Alternative Cinema. Apply and get your work exposed to other creative minds, press and industry players. Have fun discovering other artists and network throughout the event.

We cover both short and feature films and award the year’s best at most criterion categories.

Awards & Prizes
The Festival Recognizes and Certificates All Competitive Categories. IMDB Festival credit included.
Best Movie of the Year will be awarded with the official UNDO Statuette + a screening at NY's World Film Fair, in October + a copy of the book Video Business Fast Forward.

* Nominations and Winners listed on IMDB.
** The Winner of every feature Genre is a runner-up for Best Movie of the Year big Award.

Rules & Terms
- We will use parts of your film (trailer/teaser/poster/Music/ stills) for promotional purpose;
- We will NEVER stream your movie online and you will be asked for permission if we select it to be screened at the Festival;
- Films will be considered via private Online screener;
- Entry fees are not refundable;
- Multiple entries are allowed for each applier (different titles);
- We accept movie in a language different than English if it has English subtitles;
- Films with poor quality (bad audio, amateur production, insufficient resolution) will not be considered;

We do not accept:
- Amateur videos;
- Propaganda/ Agenda content from sociopolitical organizations;

The jury will consist on a triad of partner Press representative, Movie Industry guest and Organization representative.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair

Director: Bill Fulkerson, Kyle Kuchta