Tribal Film Festival

Film Festival showing indigenous films that celebrate the biggest, brightest, boldest of who we are as a people and culture.

Tribal Film Festival seeks Indigenous films from around the world. TFF plays an important part in pushing for the accessibility of Indigenous films with inspiring and uplifting stories that entertain and educate.
One day of parties, panels, screenings and a table read.
ONLINE FILM simultaneously held with our regular Labor Day screening. DO NOT submit if you do not want your film screened online for two weeks.

We showcase three or four times a year in Tulsa, at Circle Cinema, usually with a Major motion picture and one or two others. Please be open to being selected to these.

SHORTS are great! Our audience loves shorts.
We know that, as filmmakers, we have an unlimited amount of stories to tell and to preserve. Therefore we have partnered with TribalTV for super-distribution and to extend our reach globally.
***We only screen films submitted through FilmFreeway, or Festival Focus, no credits or waivers or favors, nor do we pay for films to be screened. No refunds. That is not fair to the filmmakers/producers who submit. This levels the playing field for anyone and everyone. Every submission gets viewed. Every script gets read by professional readers in the industry. The exception to this rule are films co-produced by TribalTV, Tribal film Festival filmmaking Bootcamp or films that come from our affiliates or partners. Still- we do not pay for films, simply we do not have the budget for that :/ Thank you for understanding.
Script contest again this year. ALL genre categories do not have to be indigenous. We are looking for great stories/scripts. Winner gets a filmed table read, live Facebook feed & recorded in 4K. Submissions are open now.

Awards & Prizes
$200 Quick Film Budget coupon award to Best Picture and Best Short (More awards being added, check back) What sets us apart? Automatic Distribution on TribalTV. Heck yeah!! All films submitted will be ELIGIBLE* for a non-exclusive deal with TribalTV. TribalTV is a multi-platform distributor of Indigenous films with inspiring and uplifting stories, including documentaries, feature films, series, music videos, animation, 3D, in all genres. TribalTV believes it is time filmmakers started being more in charge of their revenues rather than going through the series of middlemen standing in between filmmakers and their audience. TribalTV places the filmmakers first, as the filmmaker, you will retain your rights in a non-exclusive three-year distribution deal. Tribal Film Festival is a portal into the broadband channel TribalTV and is announcing the opportunity to have every film submitted to Tribal Film Festival a chance to achieve a worldwide audience through Hulu, Vudu, Amazon, etc. *Films will go through QC prior to be selected for distribution.
Script contest! New this year! The company we partnered with to read scripts came under fire, so now we are doing our script reading in house. ALL genre categories, does not have to be indigenous. We are looking for great stories/scripts. Winner gets a filmed table read, live Facebook feed & recorded in 4K. Submissions are open now. A great way to know if your script is producible, what works/doesn't work, if the story, structure, plot makes sense. We are looking for scripts to produce.

Rules & Terms
Films must be Indigenous stories. Filmmakers do not have to be indigenous to submit.
SCRIPTS can be ANY genre, they do not have to be indigenous stories, they DO NOT have to be Native story lines. We are looking for great stories. Period.
The Winning script prize is a "live facebook feed" table read with local actors & filmed on high quality 4K cameras, with a copy available to the winner. The winning short script gets the title and laurels. Last year the winning short went on to obtain a grant based on winning our contest. Stepping stones to success.
You must own the content you are presenting or have the rights to submit. No pornography or ultra-violent material of any kind.

DCP, Project file format only for festival screening.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair

Director: Mark Williams
Director: Kyle Harris