Sukhum International Film Festival

The festival will be held in Abkhazia from 2 to 7 April 2018. The program of 2018 will be constituted only of short fiction films. However, in the years to come this festival will open up for feature-length films and documentaries.

The objective of the festival is the presentation of pieces of screen, support of creative endeavour of masters and young cineasts, popularisation of cinematograph.

The programme of activities of the Festival and the order of demonstration of films is to be determined by the Direction of the Festival
The Programme of the Festival includes:

• The main competition of short films;
• Master-classes, meet-the-artists sessions with famous cineasts;
• Press-conferences;
• Sneak previews;
• Pitch sessions of short films’ scripts;
• Entertainment programme.

Awards & Prizes
The International Jury awards the following prizes – statuettes and monetary awards to the films of the Main contest:
- Grand Prix for the best film (monetary award of 200 000 Rub)
- Second place (monetary award of 100 000 Rub)
- Third place (monetary award of 50 000 Rub)
- Audience Choice Award
- Best actor
- Best cameraman
- Best script
- Sponsors’ and partners’ awards

It is expected that the nominees will personally participate in the award ceremony.

Rules & Terms
The selection of films to participate in SIFF will be conducted by the Selection commission, which is to be approved by the Direction of the Festival.

The application forms for participation in the Film Festival should be sent via website

The deadline for all application forms is February 20, 2018.

The films that will be included to the Main competition of the Festival will be announced no later than March 15, 2018.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair