August 31, 2018
Event Date

Welcome to Simply Shorts, screening some of the best local & international short films, music videos and trailers since 2015.
We're excited to announce our brand new event:


Pitting film school-against-film school in the fight for ultimate glory!

Short Film submissions must have been made in film school to be eligible. Please include a brief description of which film school your film was made for and when. (Trailers and music videos are an exception to this rule).

The award for Best Film will be elected by a panel of industry professionals of varied backgrounds to assure the avoidance of any bias.

So get those submissions prepared for launch - it's about to go nuclear.

Awards & Prizes
Best Film Award

Rules & Terms
As previously stated: All local and international short film submissions must have been made in film school, for film school to be eligible, but trailers and music videos are an exception to this rule.

If you are submitting a short film or documentary that is in a language other than English, please have English subtitles within your film.

Filmmakers can submit multiple productions.

There is no strict time limit on short films & documentaries, but under 30 minutes is preferred.

There is no production time-frame restrictions. e.g. We accept productions from the '80s.

Productions that have been screened previously publicly as well as productions that are available online are eligible for entry.

By submitting to Simply Shorts you are giving us permission to screen your production. All the materials within your productions must have appropriate copyrights, and you agree to hold full responsibility to said copyrights.

Please have the best available copy of your production ready to transfer/deliver to us should you be successful in selection. We will need it as soon as possible.

Obviously we would love to screen every production that is submitted, but unfortunately, time doesn't allow us that luxury. A varied selection of short films & documentaries, music videos and trailers will be chosen to suit the night's program. You will be notified on the 20th of August if your submission has been chosen or not.

Thank you for submitting and good luck!


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair