The Shortstack Film Festival

The ShortStack Film Festival

A competition of Short Film and Pancakes in 4 Different Theaters in Toronto from May to August

This will be the second year of the Short Stack Film Festival, all attendees will get to watch a plethora of amazing short films from around the world and receive 2 free pancakes made by local Toronto chefs which they will be able to choose there favorite for the coveted "Golden Flapjack" award - the audience will also cast their vote for the best film of the festival.

Awards & Prizes
Best Comedy Short (prize: The HotCake )
Best Dramatic Short (prize:The Crepe Noir)
Best Horror Short (prize: The Bloody Shrove)
Best International (prize: The BLINTZkreig Bop)
Best Experimental (prize: The DaliCake)
Best of the Festival *Audience Choice* (The Golden FlapJack)
Best of the Festival *Judges Choice* (The Golden ShortStack)

Rules & Terms
All films must be 25 minutes or less and fall into any of the 5 festival competition categories. There is no date of release or premiere requirements. Films are accepted from all over the world, with a special category dedicated to International film.

Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair