Proxy Act Festival

PROXY ACT is now calling for artists to submit their work for the fourth season of our international artistic events.

Our selection is released in our yearly Proxy Act festival and it's also screened in different partner events and venues around the world throughout the year. Our interest is to offer an inter- and multi-cultural audience that decodes the selected material under its own life perspectives and worldview.

PROXY ACT has partnered with venues and other festivals in Colombia, Italy, England and now Germany. Other projects organised by us include ProxySYNC: a unique event with an artistic programme happening simultaneously in Bogotá (Colombia) and Caserta (Italy). We are looking to expand to North America, Asia and Oceania.

Our selection of short-films and media art has given our events a wide variance of cultural freshness to the way audiovisual material is constructed.

PROXY ACT is a young international network of artists and performers based in London and Berlin. We are constantly developing our own artistic projects through films and performance. For this we interact and collaborate with artists that have been selected by ProxyAct. Our latest production was shown in South Korea during the PADAF 2015.

Rules & Terms
If you have artistic projects that you would like to exhibit at one of our events and you believe it is not necessary to have the original physical format of the work on display, we can exhibit for you by screening your work as digital images or sound in partner galleries or in our events within the space of our exhibitions, and with that bring your work in front of the eyes and ears of a new audience.

We are also open to performance and presentation ideas in which art and technology converge. There is no limitation to discipline or genre.

The selected material will be screened and exhibited on our different events through our season 2018-2019 which runs for one year. We will have screenings in different venues, events and festivals in different countries.

We are also open to work in collaboration and bring artistic teams together with different skills so that a bigger idea is achieved.


The Proxy Act


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair