Niles Diaspora International film Festival

About Us
NDIFF is a not‐for‐profit cultural organization whose mission is to transform the way people see the world through film.

We are actively engaging the African Diaspora Community through this festival and other artistic staged events with a view to helping contribute in various grassroots developmental endeavors within the various African communities.

EAFN is here for
Championing Socio-Economic Development and Regional Integration of the East African Community bloc through Motion Pictures, Culture, Identity, Mass Media and the Arts.

Youth Project
The young adult years are full of new experiences and challenges, joys and struggles. They are a season of building a solid foundation for life but can often be a period of real worrying and wandering. At these gatherings young adults can authentically and honestly explore this season of life.

Women and young adults meet during the festival week and beyond to acquire skills in multimedia, through the NDIFF Youth Media Hub (NYMH).

With the skills they gain, youth create professional quality multimedia products for domestic and international markets.

Through this process, the youth unemployment problem is alleviated and the multimedia industry thrives.

The NDIFF Youth Media Hub (NYMH) is a public benefit not for profit organization registered under the festival organization. It was founded in 2013 to realize its vision of a vibrant multimedia industry created and sustained by Bhutanese youth. Its mission is to alleviate youth unemployment by building their capacity to create professional quality multimedia products.

This hub helps train youth in fields such as music recording and animation/graphic design. It serves as a resource center offering multimedia skills training courses to make youth employable as music / film producers, graphic designers, photo editors, media photographers, animators and special effects film designers.

Through the original multimedia projects resulting from its efforts, NDIFF aims to move The Ugandan youth from a nation of onlookers to media producers on the international market.

Thus NDIFF through this youth project aims to fulfill the need for skilled artists in the field of multimedia by educating youth in multimedia skills and technologies.

NDIFF in the Community
We take time out and reach out to needy children in the community. These are Orphans, Abandoned, Vulnerable and Needy that in most cases end up on the streets.
Improved response mechanisms, addressing violence and empowering local women.

The Team
P H Mutumba – Founder and CEO
Akpor Otebele – Technical – Media
Tonia Lee Williams – Industry Relations
Prof. Martin Mhando – Strategy Advisor
Evelyn Nakyeyune – Youth Coordinator and Events Organizer
John Tentena – Festival Assistant


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair

Director: Molatelo Mainetje