New Earth International Film Festival

Festival Mission

You can experience the disastrous effects of climate change first-hand today. You can even feel air pollution, destruction of nature and ecological imbalance in the city. Look around and see what is happening around you.

Can you have an impact on the future and the quality of the environment? Does air quality depend on you? How about waste management, energy consumption or focusing on renewable energy sources? Just think.

What you can definitely do is make sure that as many people as possible are aware of the risks. Reach out to those who have not yet realized the consequences of ignoring environmental issues. Grab a phone, a camera, use an interesting idea to create an animation, a documentary, a short story to show that everything we do now has an impact on what air we breathe and what kind of environment we live in.

Make your planet perfect again!

Who is the competition for?
University students from all over the country,
Filmmakers and film industry professionals, film school students, people associated with the advertising industry, communication, visual arts and the environment,
Everyone regardless of nationality, profession, nature of studies and physical or legal personality.

Films objectives
Communication objectives
To raise awareness of all environmental problems.
To show how air pollution, bad greenery management, renewable sources, waste management, recycling, new technologies affect our surroundings and can affect the future.
To promote ideas and actions aimed at protecting and taking care of the natural environment in an adequate way.
To show how renewable energies, waste segregation, education, energy acquisition methods, energy-saving construction improve the quality of life.
Topics related to the management of environmental resources.
To show the importance of forest management, smart deforestation and afforestation, environmentally safe waste incineration, limiting car traffic for air quality; especially in cities.
The importance of nature protection for environmental.
To show what would happen if man did not care about the environment or vice versa....

Who we talk to:
Through a strong, dynamic and even advanced artistic message. Effectively attract the viewer's attention so that they can identify with both the problem and the real actions they can take to protect nature.

How can you present it?
Through a powerful message, as well as being dynamic and modern in such a way that it effectively captures the attention of the public, it identifies with both the problem and the possible concrete actions to be carried out.

Some of the topics to talk about:
Climate change, global warming, deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, conservation of natural resources, conservation and sustainability, protection of endangered animal and plant species, terrestrial biodiversity, depletion and destruction of natural resources, food waste, energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, solid and waste disposal, sustainable eating, protected areas, biological diversity, sustainable production and consumption, overpopulation, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, urban sprawl, public health issues, ocean trash, illegal landfills in forests, etc.

What films can we accept for the competition?
Short films (animation, story, documentary and international films) must be made after 1 January 2015, have a minimum length of one (1) minute and a maximum length of twelve (12) minutes, including credits.
Full-length films (animation, story, documentary and international films) must be made after January 1, 2015, have a minimum length of sixty (60) minutes, and a maximum length of one hundred and twenty (120) minutes, including credits.
Submitted films whose language is not Polish must be subtitled in English. Remember that the call for competition films closes on August 31, 2018.


One of our ongoing projects is the 1st Polish edition of an environmental film festival held in Krakow as: New Earth International Film Festival. We want to open the door for the audience to gain an awareness of contemporary threats to the natural environment. During the Festival, we will be showing short films created by Polish artists, divided into four categories:


- Documentary,
- Fiction,
- Animated Film
- International


- Documentary,
- Fiction,
- Animated Film
- International

The organizers of the Festival will also accept projects from around the world, which will be presented in a separate category: International Films.. The Festival audience will nominate films for special awards. From among the nominated productions, the festival jury will select the best ones and award prizes in categories for best music, best pictures and best director. We plan to organize 5 days of themed conferences and short film screenings to attract not only young people but also entire families. We have also planned a surprise for the viewers. As the Festival draws to its close, a special prize will be funded for the selected filmmaker, which will be awarded at the Closing Ceremony.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair