Mondo Cult Film Showcase

August 31, 2019
Event Date

"Only Hell Has Better Films" - everyone, after they see Mondo Cult Film Showcase

From the people in charge of Etheria Film Night comes the Mondo Cult Film Variety Showcase. Combining the ideas behind Etheria's former Women Underground film festival and Jessie Lilley's Mondo Cult Magazine, Mondo Cult is a monthly screening series at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California that showcases the best new underground, surreal, crazy, experimental, obscene, absurd, rule-breaking, and outlaw films from around the world. We want the films that have trouble fitting into any one genre, that have trouble finding a home in mainstream film festivals, and that leave your audiences' minds blown.

THERE ARE NO QUALIFYING RESTRICTIONS other than that your film must have been made in 2017 or later. Films can be made by men, women, and anyone or anything in between. This is a screening series for the best new avant-garde and innovative filmmakers in the world.

Regular submissions through Etheria Film Night are automatically entered for participation in Mondo Cult for no additional fee.

Here are the submission fees:

$10 for shorts under 20 minutes
$15 for shorts 20-60 minutes
$20 for features 60 minutes and over.

Music videos, documentaries, and animation will be considered in addition to live narrative (and everything in between).

We'll screen films every month at the world-famous Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California as well as at the Screenland Armour in Kansas City, Missouri. All film screenings will be scheduled two months in advance, usually on the last weekend of each month.

Your submission is good for THREE MONTHS. For three months after entry, your film will be considered for our monthly lineup.

So, June entries qualify for August, September, October.

July entries qualify for September, October, November.

August entries qualify for October, November, December. Etc.

This is not just another underground film festival. Underground film festivals tend to be very liberal and show really great stuff no one else will, but are totally willing to sacrifice the quality of the films for the content. Not us.

To get into Mondo Cult, your film must be the BEST weird, crazy stuff. The only thing we *don't* want is mainstream films.

If your film breaks the rules, if your film oversteps boundaries, and if your film redefines what the words "cult" and "outlaw cinema" mean, we want to see it. And if it's right for our fest, we'll screen it in the world-famous Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California, USA in front of eager and hungry audiences waiting to discover their newest favorite pioneering filmmaker.

It's the 21st century and the definitions of "art" and "cinema" no longer have to be inaccessible or pretentious. By joining our festival, you're making a statement that art has no rules, film is art, and anyone with talent is deserving of being celebrated even if they fail to conform to the rules of mainstream cinema.

Rules & Terms
We accept feature films and short films. If your film is mainstream, boring, or plays by the rules, it won't get in.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair