Madrid Art Film Festival

The Madrid Art Film Festival is an international film event to celebrate the movie making whilst bringing together film makers and the business of film making, from the smallest independent film maker to the most popular English and foreign language films and is open to all film genres.
An inventive selection that is neither too traditional nor too sophisticated, a selection that is the most international in the world, open to all film types and yet never forgetting our over-riding passion- that of the love of film, a selection that is attentive to the arrival of new generations and which combines all the necessary conditions for the films to be hosted and honoured in the great tradition of film makers around the world.

A daring selection that seizes the best of the moment, a selection that creates desire, that triggers curiosity, that carries that certain vitality which currently fills film today and gives a hint of the film of tomorrow, a selection that helps these films, cinema, its creators and artists to exist and to continue their work....

Films in consideration for the Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair

Director: Adriano Trapani - Writing Credits
Director: Tony Villani
Director: Tony Villani
Director: Gabriela Nafissi
Director: Pasquale Encell and Steve Encell