Liberty Massacre Part-5 (A full weekend of all HORROR Short Films!)

Year 5 is on the way! The film industry of Philadelphia has come together to make this city an active spot for HORROR shorts from around the world to be screened and celebrated.

Hold on! Want to make this faster? Want to just SEE what this festival is about? Than check out the links below where we SHOW you why you should be apart of our event!

Liberty Massacre Part 2 Video Link.
Liberty Massacre Part-3 Video Link.

Philadelphia has one HUGE thirst for horror flicks and Average Superstar Films has stepped up and lead the way for this massive event. This event truly gives both local and international filmmakers their due. It is held at the world famous Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. With a $60,000 sound system, and a FULL screen, the theater seats up to 600 movie-goers. This years event will run 10 hours, with a big networking party going on in the lobby area. News outlets and press are active at this event. Celebrities and horror movie Icons from all walks of life have shown up at this event. Last year we members of The Howard Stern Show on hand. Along with Lloyd Kaufman and The Angry Video Game Nerd. We are only accepting online screeners. There are a variety of ways to submit your screener to us (YouTube, Vimeo (FAVORED) , or through one of the online submission services.). This will SAVE YOU MONEY! These events are 21 and up.

Each film director and cast is also interviewed at our event for an episode of Average Superstar Films TV. PLEASE visit our website to see videos and pictures from past events.

Want to take a deeper look into this fest? Click on the link below and see highlights from last years event join us!

Our events matter! Our events are fun!

Awards & Prizes
Average Superstar Films likes to give out awards! All award are by (Jury)

Best Film
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best SFX
Best Cinematography

Rules & Terms

1. All films must be sent in digital upon selected. We will let you know what format we need. We do not run films by DVD. To submit your film we ask you to use YouTube, Vimeo, or through one of the online submission services). This will SAVE YOU MONEY!

2.Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority
to submit the entry into the Festival and to use all music,
images and content in the entry.

3. All entries must be either in English or contain English
subtitles. Non-English entries submitted without subtitles
or with supplementary printed translations will be
automatically disqualified.

4.NO Fee Waivers will be offered. The submission fee is already punk rock cheap.

5. All Decisions by judges, and The Average Superstar Films team
will be final and NO REFUND of entry fee will be

6. If film is selected and not received by due date it will be removed from the show with NO REFUND.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair