LGBTQ History Student Filmmakers Competition


This competition encourages college, middle and high school students to expand their understanding and awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) and allied contributions to society. THE LAVENDER EFFECT®, Global SchoolNet, and REVRY™ are co-facilitators for this California FAIR Education Act inspired competition that rewards quality stories of LGBTQ luminaries and landmarks.

Students entering this competition create an original 3min-5min video about a historic LGBTQ or allied figure, a historic milestone, and/or notable landmark. Filmmakers present their unique perspective on LGBTQ history, like college filmmaker Alex Valencia’s award-winning video about famed computer scientist Alan Turing. Or Sage Creek High School award-winning GSA video about San Diego, CA’s first PRIDE parade titled “Paper Bag Heart.”

NEW Competition Registration Deadline is March 31st, 2018

Contact: Andy Sacher

Films will be judged by a team of historians, filmmakers, and educators based on the following criterion:

The Filmmaker(s) combine significant research and personal observations to create an original, interesting, accurate, and relevant story.
The story is presented in an exceptionally fun, original, creative, or innovative way.
Audio, video, photos, music, and graphics are exceptionally high quality and are used in a way that enhances the story message.
The narrative motivates change and provides actions the viewers can take.
The project follows fair use for all audio and images that are included. All text is the original work of the group members or is used with permission All credits are listed.

LGBTQ HISTORY Filmmaker Competition Story Starter Ideas

Films should combine SIGNIFICANT research and personal observations to create an original, relevant, entertaining, and accurate story to document LGBTQ people, places, and historical events. Ideally, your story will motivate change and provide actions the audience can take.


Showcase a local LGBTQ community or business leader, sports figure, musician, artist (Examples: Dustin Lance Black, Virginia Uribe, Steve Schulte, Robin Tyler, Michael Kearns, Rosie O’Donnell, George Takei, Greg Louganis, Ellen DeGeneres, Toni Atkins)
Share a poignant story about an LGBTQ friend or family member

Acknowledge and celebrate the historical contributions of an LGBTQ or allied ancestor (deceased) through the lens of a new generation. (Examples: Alfred Kinsey, Joan Rivers, Alan Turing, Jeanne Cordova, Oscar Wilde, Adele Starr, Jean Manford, etc.)

Describe a historic LGBTQ location or landmark
Los Angeles (Examples: Black Cat Bar, Mattachine Steps, Jewel’s Catch One Disco, Metropolitan Community Church, Coopers Doughnuts, City of West Hollywood, etc.)
San Diego (Examples: Hillcrest flag, secret garden, hate crimes plaque, The Flame, etc.)

Tell the story of an impactful LGBTQ event or historic milestone (Examples: First Pride Parade in Hollywood, Activist rally against Briggs Initiative, Proposition 8 Voting Day, George Takei and Brad Altman’s marriage, Ellen DeGeneres’ Coming Out (The Puppy Episode), Rock Hudson’s Outing in Paris, etc.)

THE LAVENDER EFFECT® will have a dedicated channel on the REVRY™ streaming platform, providing an important and accessible new means for both expanding visibility amongst young filmmakers and sharing significant stories of LGBTQ history and culture with the world. THE LAVENDER EFFECT and Global SchoolNet will facilitate the competition and provide a valuable catalyst to facilitate conversations around historic contributions of LGBTQ people.

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Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair