Kyiv Film Festival

The goal of Kyiv Film Festival is to encourage emerging movie makers to submit their films to a festival where their work will be appreciated. We accept all genres of films from all over the world.

Our mission is to support filmmakers, recognize their hard work, and award them so that they are inspired to keep telling amazing stories.
Comprised of approximately 100 films (features, shorts, documentaries etc), our film program highlights the very best in this year's narrative and documentary storytelling.
Kyiv Multiplex Cinema

Location: Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev, Henerala Vatutina Ave, 2ΠΆ.

"Multiplex" at commercial and entertainment center "SkyMall" is one of the cinemas "Multiplex-holding" network. It is equipped by the most modern technologies of show of films.
In the two cinema halls (Rene, Paradzhanov), named after prominent masters of cinema, the audience will be able to choose a film to suit any taste and genre. Halls differ in design originality, sizes of screens and capacity. The cinema is equipped by the polyfunctional multimedia system (allowing to transmit events from one of halls or lobbies on tv monitors and screens in the synchronous mode) interactive system of films rating.
The newest equipment enables the broadcast of novelties of the cinema in 3D.
A few rows are equipped by arm-chairs with the automatic drive seats which may be brought in horizontal position for the comfort of clients.
The cinema also has a the flexible system of discounts and booking of tickets functions(reservation is cancelled 20 minutes prior to showtime).

Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair

Director: Adriano Trapani - Writing Credits
Director: Tony Villani
Director: Tony Villani
Director: Pasquale Encell and Steve Encell