KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

Coalition for Quality Children's Media - KIDS FIRST!
A Collaboration of More than 17 Million Concerned Adults

The Coalition for Quality Children's Media is a national, nonprofit (501-c-3) organization founded in 1991 whose mission is to teach children critical viewing skills and to increase the visibility and availability of quality children's media.

The Coalition's KIDS FIRST! program evaluates, rates and endorses films, DVDs, audio recordings, TV shows, apps, screenplays and games using volunteer, community-based juries of adults and children from diverse backgrounds and offers a variety of means to showcase and enhance consumer awareness of endorsed products.

The KIDS FIRST! Film Critics are a group of national youth reporters who review all the latest film releases, interview talent and share their opinions about entertainment geared for kids. A group of 50 kids, ages 8 to 18, whose reviews and coverage reach more than 7 million people every month.

KIDS FIRST! is supported by major entertainment industry leaders, teachers, librarians, media professionals, lobbyists, policymakers, child advocates, educators, parents and families nationwide. Support comes from national nonprofit organizations including the National Education Association, REEL Fathers, National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Council of Women’s Organizations, with a cumulative membership of over 17 million.

KIDS FIRST! Endorsements
Adult-Approved and Kid-Recommended
KIDS FIRST! is the key program of the organization. This program evaluates, rates and endorses children's media using community-based juries comprising child development professionals, teachers, parents and concerned adults as well as children from diverse geographic, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. A KIDS FIRST! endorsement is given to media (films, DVDs, TV shows, apps, screenplays, games, web-series, audio recordings and similar) meeting the KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria that has been approved by both and adult and child jurors.

Product reviews reach an audience of more than 7 million through the KIDS FIRST! web site, newsletter, social media as well as through our media partners including: Huffington Post,, Kidsville News, GRAND Magazine, and 50 additional publications.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair

Director: Jillie Simon,Thomas Simon
Director: Sam Mirpoorian
Director: Kati Glaser
Director: Helga Krancz,Andreas Abstreiter
Director: Robert Macartney
Director: Mark Steudel
Director: Melih Kosif
Director: Brad Condie
Director: Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Director: Will Nordstrom
Director: Sterling Smith
Director: Lisa Mann
Director: Mohamad AlYamani
Director: Gabriel Diamond
Director: Ian Phillips
Director: Xinxuan Zhong
Director: Richard Lanni
Director: Kennedy Jordan