About iPitch.tv
iPitch.tv is the Film and Television Industry's newest marketplace for direct connection of Creators and Buyers of original projects for Film, TV & Web/Digital Media. iPitch.tv delivers a next generation platform for creators of both video produced and written pitches and is founded on the core belief that if a highly original pitch can meet the mind and eyes of the right Entertainment Industry Professional, there is no "gatekeeper" or “closed door” that can prevent that pitch from meeting it’s destiny as a produced film, television show or streaming media program.

With broadcasters and exhibitors of all kinds clamoring for new and original content, and fierce competition amongst producers to provide it, there has never been a bigger market for media pitches.

iPitch.tv bridges the gap between creators with new undiscovered pitches and entertainment industry professionals scouting for new ideas. iPitch.tv offers creators and filmmakers the opportunity to directly access Entertainment Industry Executives and gives those Executives an unparalleled sourcing tool for fresh material.

iPitch.tv is the brainchild of TV/Film industry veterans Erik Adams and Scott Manville who bring a combined 35 years of experience in tv/film development and production:

Erik Adams brings two decades of industry experience in physical production and in long-form television development. Erik has contributed to dozens of hit TV shows and blockbuster feature films with experience ranging from production services to Developing and Producing original unscripted television to branded digital media for uber brands such as Acura, Hyundai, Mazda, and Suzuki. Erik’s experience in searching for original unscripted TV concepts and producing pitch reels has helped shape iPitch.tv’s user experience. Erik co-developed all aspects of iPitch.tv’s functionality for what is quickly becoming the "standard" sourcing tool for the Industry. “iPitch was conceived by Scott and I to level the playing field in terms of Pitching Media Concepts. Historically the Entertainment business has been a CLOSED DOOR to anyone outside the industry trying to contribute ideas yet we in this industry are constantly stepping outside that same closed door to look for fresh new ideas. We created iPitch as a form of wish fulfillment. We created a sourcing tool that we as Entertainment Industry Executives wanted.”

Scott Manville forged a new method of sourcing concepts for producers and executives when he developed and founded the Television Writers Vault, delivering concepts from everyday people to production and global broadcast on networks including Lifetime TV, A&E, Discovery Channel, SyFy, Velocity, OLN, UKTV, and others. Collaborating with Adams in launching iPitch.tv, they've answered the call of the industry for a video-centric marketplace where industry buyers can connect with creators and filmmakers. Manville is a former lead development executive for Merv Griffin Entertainment, and served as Producer for two seasons of Lifetime TV's "Kim of Queen" series. "I view myself as a champion for the new producer and creator. Educating and facilitating with a service like iPitch.tv gives creators the opportunity and success that their projects deserve. And that's equally beneficial for the industry."

TV/Film Executives: iPitch.tv is a Free Service for qualified TV/Film Professionals, delivering an unparalleled sourcing tool that is both dynamic and convenient, connecting you with Creators of video-taped and written pitches for your consideration. Scout video, sizzle reels and pitches in all genres. Discovering your next hit movie or tv show is just a few clicks away.

Creators: (Writers, Producers, Directors) - Producers & Studio Executives want two things; A great pitch, and a visual connection with it. iPitch.tv allows Creators to sell new projects by submission of a written and/or video-taped pitch. Submit your reality TV concept, sizzle reel, personal video pitch, short film, student film, narrative feature, pilot, documentary, web series, new media and more.

All Pitch Listings require an Active Subscription which Includes your 1st Pitch:
Monthly Subscription - $39.00
6-Month Subscription - $59.00 (includes 2 Pitch listings)
Annual Subscription - $189.00 (includes 2 pitch listings)
Additional Pitch Listings May Be added for a one-time fee of $24.99/each


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