International Usak Winged Seahorse Short Film Festival

International Uşak Winged Seahorse Short Film Festival, one of the few festivals in the world that pays copyright to all its official selection is calling for applications!
Application deadline: October 15, 2018
Address: (or via FilmFreeway)
Festival dates: December 10-14, 2018
No application fee!

Uşak Winged Seahorse short film festival has been organized by Uşak University Communication Club every December since 2014 in Uşak, the city which houses historical richness of Anatolia. The festival, through many firsts, achieved status as one of the most important national cinema event and now is to become international. Having Turkey's leading directors, ciematographers, art directors, actors, academicians, critics, short film artists and artists from other disciplines in its pre and main selection committees, the festival quickly hosted accredited selections. Since last year the festival pays deserved respect to short film by making copyright payments to all films which passed the preselection despite the fact that no application fee was taken. This practice is first in Turkey, and one of the few in the world.

Uşak Winged Seahorse film festival offers a powerful cinema experience with workshops, interviews, masterclasses, retrospectives and surely the richness of the competitions which takes place alongside screenings. Last year the festival took a big step towards becoming international, when it hosted special selection outside the competition field which included films, documentaries, experimental and video art works from all 6 continents and made them meet with cinephiles in Turkey. The festival which will include International Short Film Competition along with National Short Film Competition and National Student Films Competition this year, awaits works from artists all over the world without asking for application fees. As in national competitions the copyrights will be payed to all films that will be screened and all expenses of the finalists during stay in Uşak will be covered. In addition prizes provided by the supporters will be presented to the winners. Detailed information about the festival can be obtained from the competition adress or via festivals FilmFreeway page and the social media accounts of the festival.

The 5th International Uşak Winged Seahorse short film festival, which sets an example for new generation of film festivals, will take place in December 10-14, 2018. The application deadline is October 15, 2018. We look forward to your applications.
Hope to see you in Uşak...


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair

Director: Emil Ali
Director: Turap Başel, Ahtam İbragimov
Director: Ayşegül Okul
Director: Onur Keşaplı
Director: Hanis Bagashov
Director: Mara Tamkovich
Director: Kenan Diler
Director: Gökhan Kaya
Director: Alican Durbaş
Director: Sezen Kayhan
Director: Bianca Caderas, Isabella Luu, Kerstin Zemp
Director: Numan Ayaz
Director: Kerem Altın
Director: Elif Sözen
Director: Selim Şahintürk
Director: Ufuk Aksoy
Director: Emil Ali
Director: Resul Sakınmaz
Director: Süleyman Arda Eminçe
Director: Volkan Güney Eker
Director: Deniz Şengül, Mazhar Yıldız
Director: Can Erkan, Salih Toprak
Director: Salih Toprak
Director: Begüm Gülşah Aktaş
Director: Egemen Özcan
Director: Onur Yağız
Director: Süleyman Demirel
Director: Kardelen Eren
Director: Onur Doğan
Director: Cahit Kaya Demir
Director: Can Eren
Director: Nuri Cihan Özdoğan
Director: Cem Göksoy
Director: Volkan Bağırgan
Director: Orçun Üzüm
Director: Onur Keşaplı