International Mobile Film Festival

April 27 – 28, 2019
Event Date

IMFF2019 is an International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego. Our film festival is exclusive to films shot with mobile phones. ***No other cameras qualify (new announcement for IMFF 2019 in the rules). No other device qualifies. Only mobile phones.
Hashtag: #MFF2019SanDiego

Our 7th annual International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego takes place the last weekend of April 28 & April 29, 2018.
TAG is #MFF2018SanDiego and #MobileFilmSD

It is very important that you only submit ONE film per filmmaker or company and it MUST BE SHOT WITH A MOBILE PHONE. One (1) Entry per Filmmaker Only. Awards and recognition for one filmmaker or company.

SEE CATEGORY: ***Feature Mobile Films Competition
Deadline 10/19/18 and visit our website. for details. *You cannot submit a film without requesting a password. RULES ON WEBSITE supersede rules here and APPLY. No Refunds. Read rules before submitting.

****SEPARATE SHORT FILM COMPETITION: Deadline 11/19/18 (1-5min.)
***All films must be shot with mobile phones to qualify for all competitions in our film festival.***

*A Scholarship is available for our SHORT FILM COMPETITION only! Email us for instructions how to apply, to waive submission fee for short film competition only.

EVERY FILMMAKER MUST fill out separate REGISTRATION FORM (you must request via email) to be eligible AND YOU WILL RECEIVE IT IN AN EMAIL. Email us to REQUEST the REGISTRATION form:

**YOU MUST ANSWER AND RESPOND TO EMAILS TO STAY IN THE COMPETITION. Be sure to answer our emails and requests before and after official selections or you will be disqualified.

***READ RULES (on our website) BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR FILM: Rules on website supersede the ones here on FilmFreeway.

Only films we are able to download full 1080HD before selection deadline will be selected. Horizontal full screen only.

Filmmakers who attend our event in San Diego will receive special recognition and attention during our festival running dates (April 28 & 29, 2018). Filmmakers will be part of Q&A Panel and walk red carpet, interviewed and much more.

Awards & Prizes
All the information is on our website. Thank you!

We have beautiful trophies for the winners who ATTEND and a red carpet award ceremony every year in San Diego on the final day of the film festival.
"The red carpet is in your pocket!"

Prizes for IMFF 2019 include laurels, certificate, promotions and more! Stay tuned.

Selected winning films in MFF2019 will be automatically nominated to the Global Mobile Film Awards™ at no cost to filmmakers. *GMFA is the "Oscars" of the mobile film industry. A nomination by a member film festival is a prestigious award

Rules & Terms
Please READ RULES and submit your films ON OUR WEBSITE: No refunds.

*Only films we are able to download full 1080HD before selection deadline will be selected. Horizontal full screen only. English embedded captions/subtitles for all foreign, non-English spoken films required.


• PARTICIPANTS – You must be human beings. That is all we ask for. We don't limit artists/entrants/participants because of their age, income level, disabilities, race or ethnicity, sex or anything! If you are a human being you qualify as a filmmaker if you enter a qualfiying film. We encourage anyone who believes they may not qualify even though they are human to give it a shot. Submitting is easy! Just Do it!

• EQUIPMENT – In case we weren’t clear: FILMS MUST BE SHOT BY MOBILE PHONE VIDEO CAMERAS ONLY. All other production equipment, lights, cranes, dollies, etc. are allowed. Since mobile filmmaking has become an industry, you can find customized equipment online and stores if you need it. No apps or filmmaking accessories are required to qualify.

• ONE (1) ENTRY per person and/or entity. One prize per film regardless of the number of people credited. If you are an organization, please contact us!

• LENGTH – Short Film Competition - 00:60 seconds (1 minute) to 05:00 minutes including credits. Feature Mobile Film Competition - 40 minutes to 80 minutes total including intro and end credits.

• FORMAT – We prefer (.mp4) (.mov) files. (Please record FULL QUALITY (1080HD) video in widescreen format – adjust settings if you need to) Questions? Contact us!

• APPS – Automatic editing apps are not allowed. The only apps you may use are video editing software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Splice, etc. on your phone or computer. These types of apps do not create your movie for you. Using apps may degrade the end quality of your footage. We advise you to consider this when selecting apps and filters during your production as opposed to post-production. Cropping video may also degrade the quality of your footage in post production, but that is not always the case.

• COPYRIGHTS - We cannot accept any THIRD-PARTY music, images & photos or graphics in your video. We apologize, however, we are keeping your cost to produce your video down and increasing your creativity! If you can verify your right to use them through our strict legal process you may contact us. This also limits your risks. Licensing for music is tricky depending on how the music is used in your film. One license may not work for all the ways you use music in your film, such as driving your video, background, transitions, etc.

• ***DRONES - Beginning with IMFF 2019, a decision has been made to allow a small percentage of films submitted to our film festival to include no more than 10% footage/video captured with a drone camera. In order to qualify, the entire film must be shot with only mobile phones except it can, if necessary, include not one second more than 10% of the film include video or footage recorded with a drone. This is the only exception to a mobile film allowed. You must do your own math, however, an example for a *Short film of five minutes is: 10% of (5 minutes) = 30 seconds.

*Short film competition must be between 1 & 5 minutes and not one second shorter or longer including intro and end credits and video black at beginning or end.

You must enter the name brand and the model of the drone you used and certify the information with your signature in a separate registration form which all filmmakers must submit and sign even if they did not use drones in their film. You must include the time code where drone footage begins and drone footage ends and you must also include several time codes if 10% of your drone footage is spread throughout your film in different areas.

Music got you down? Don't fret. Here is some info to research using music in your films to ensure the proper licensing. This is not the only resource but a good start. and ASCAP

*If you have questions or need help contact us. We will allow a couple shots from another mobile device or traditional cameras only by individual basis after a conversation which determines you need it to tell your story and cannot recreate it on your phone in time for the festival.


Submissions for Short Mobile Film competition Close November 19, 2018

The Mobile Shorts competition must be between 1-5 minutes total length including intro and end credits. See RULES above for more details.

*We have created a scholarship program for the mobile short film competition only in order to keep providing this opportunity to ALL human beings around the world regardless of income. Contact us to apply for our scholarship program with your request. No automated scholarship requests will be accepted or responded to.


Submissions close October19, 2018 for the Feature Mobile Film competition

We will select 3 mobile films to compete for an exclusive mobile feature film award.

Films must be cinematic in nature. Good quality and full 1080HD. Films must be shot with smartphones only, High Definition and look good on a big screen. Any media not owned by the filmmaker must be fully licensed for distribution. Feature films must be no shorter than 40 minutes and no longer than 90 minutes, including intro and end credits. *May need to mail a USB drive with film file.

Qualifying for submission does not guarantee selection to competition. Only 3 films will be selected and only one film will be awarded Best Mobile Feature Film Award by International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. Please make an effort to be in attendance to receive the free engraved trophy with your name if you win. Festival will not cover shipping of trophies.

The rules are otherwise the same as for the short film competition. Do not send experimental, music videos as they will most likely not qualify. We will not allow you to submit a film which does not qualify as submission fees are non-refundable. Qualification does not ensure selection. No reason will be given as to why your qualifying film was not selected as is customary in all competitions. Best of luck!
<<<Selected winning films in MFF2019 will be automatically nominated to the Global Mobile Film Awards™ ( at no cost to filmmakers.>>>

Answer and respond to email requests in order to qualify even after films are selected. We also require permission to download films and will not stream them from Vimeo or YouTube during the film festival.

Best of luck!


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair