International Film Festival of the Student (FIFE)


Under the Higher Patronage of His Majesty Mohamed VI

The association of "arts and crafts" organizes the ninth edition of The International Film Festival of
the Student(FIFE) under the theme «cinema and new technologies» in collaboration with IHB
Art media institute (ABC Cinema, Institute, High School of Fine Arts. Arts Villa Casablanca, the foundation of the Hassan ll Mosque, the French Institute) and IHB Art media) in Casablanca from
11 to 14 December 2018

This new edition provides a space for sharing ideas, experiences and introducing all that is most

recent in the audiovisual field. This meeting provides a favorable opportunity to know the

productions of the young talents and meets their needs to open up to all the film experiences
here and elsewhere (documentary films, fiction films. animation films. video clips and experimental films)

Registration is open.

Deadline for sending films on July 30, 2018
Download the form. FIFE regulations in French - English as attachments or
on the website: www.mernaroctnet
Address: Association “Arts et metiers”
47, Boulevard Mohamed Casablanca

Tél. + / +
GSM +212 6 61 41 06 63


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair