Hollywood North Film Awards

Hollywood North Film Awards' mission is to promote and award heart-wrenching, world-building, character driven films that push the boundaries of storytelling in Canada, and all over the world. We strive to bring attention to stories that have yet to be told, and to award creative excellence for exemplary filmmaking achievements.

The HNFA was established by filmmakers who've known the film festival struggle and the challenges of trying to get industry recognition and feedback. The panel of prestigious judges identifies and encourages talent of all skill levels as we strive to build and support the independent film community.

Hollywood North Film Awards was established on the basis of giving filmmakers the opportunity to gain valuable feedback on their films without compromising their premiere status. Each film is marked on their separate merits and ability to evoke strong emotional reactions from their audience, but only the best films will take home awards.

The festival accepts films from all genres, and from all over the world. Our award-winning filmmakers get the recognition they deserve and help them navigate and gain success in the discerning film festival circuit. Awarded films are promoted and publicized through various websites, social media, press releases, and to film festival organizers.

There will only be one winner per category per award. While there will be about 5-10 nominees per category per award, HNFA award winners maintain an exclusivity and prestige. Through this film competition, filmmakers are able to learn where their project stands and how it affects international audiences. We are happy to provide feedback to all submitted films, even those not nominated for awards. Please contact us after the award winners have been announced for your feedback!

Awards & Prizes
All film categories are general entry categories. Each category has its own awards for Best Picture, Directing, Performer, Supporting Performer, Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, Costume Design, Makeup and Hairstyling, Original Score, Sound Design, and Visual Effects.

All screenplay categories include their own award for Best Screenplay.

Nominees and award winners will be provided with laurels. Some or all of the nominees and award winners will be promoted through the Hollywood North Film Award's marketing and promotional network.

Hollywood North Film Awards is happy to provide feedback to all films and screenplays that submit. Please contact us after we've announced the winners to get your feedback. Please include the name of the film and your role on the film when you contact us.

Rules & Terms
All films, whether fiction or documentary, that are under 40 minutes including credits, must submit to the Short categories. All screenplays of 40 pages or less must submit to the Short screenplay categories. All films, whether fiction or documentary, that are 40 minutes or longer, including credits, must submit to the Feature categories. All screenplays of 41 pages or higher must submit to the Feature screenplay categories.

To submit to the Canadian categories, the submitted films must have Canadian citizens filling five of eight of the following crew and / or cast roles: Director, Producer, Writer, Lead Performer (up to two), Cinematographer, Editor, Production Designer, or Composer. If submitting a Canadian screenplay, the writer must have Canadian citizenship. If there are multiple credited writers, the first billed writer must have


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair