The Golden Bull Film Festival

About us
What are we doing as cinema club?

We are the members of IEL Sinema which is a prestigious club in one of the most well-established,
elite schools; Istanbul Erkek Lisesi. 15 years ago our brothers and sisters blazed a trail and
organised a festival. We try to maintain their legacy and bring honor to them.
As IEL Sinema members, we are ready to make this event, that has never been held by any other
highschool or a school in highschool level, better than ever. All our effort in this process is to lead
and inspire the ones who set their hearts on cinema.
We aim to have a wonderful two-day festival. Our festival includes interviews, workshops about
cinema from leading experts of behind the set crew and at the end, an award ceremony in which
our championship award “Altın Boğa” will be given. Also, last year, while planning the festival’s
schedule, we cared to have an informative and interesting programme.
Our festival programme consists of the following: throughout 22-23 May day long interviews, VR
(virtual reality) area, a 10D cinema car in our garden, movie screenings, workshops and interviews
with specialists from Bahçeşehir University about many topics. In 26 May evening the award
ceremony was held after the feast in our school yard. Awards including “Altın Boğa Special Award”
were presented. We gathered the youth under one roof by means of this night. And as IEL Sinema
we gave them new opportunities.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair