FEMI Guadeloupe International Film Festival

Launched in 1992, the FEMI, regional and international Film festival of Guadeloupe, is the only french-speaking film festival in the Caribbean.

The 23rd edition of FEMI Festival, Regional & International Festival of Guadeloupean Cinema, will take place from Friday January 27th to Saturday February 4th, 2017.

The Femi 2017 is organized by the ICM association, « World Images & Cultures », with the help of the Overseas Deparment, Culture & Communication Deparment, DAC Guadeloupe, National Education Department, and supervised by the Regional Board of Guadeloupe.

Through the years the festival had the privilege to receive important guests such as: , Melvin Van Peebles, Carole Laure, Firmine Richard, Euzhan Palcy, France Zobda, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Danny Glover , Angela Bassett, Jacky Ido, Sonia Rolland, as well as many other professionals from the industry…

Awards & Prizes
The selection of long movies for :
• The Grand Jury Prize : best long movie, along with a trophy & financial support
• The Jury Special Prize : along with a trophy & financial support
• The « French speaking film » Prize : along with a trophy & financial support
• The TV5Monde Prize : with a video recorder & presents
• Best music score : along with a trophy

 The selection of documentaries for :
• Best documentary French West Indies & French Guiana : along with a trophy & financial support
• Best Carribean documentary : along with financial support

 The selection of short fiction films for :
• Best short film prize
• Overseas short film prize
• High school students prize
• Inside FEMI prize
• Best animated short film prize

Rules & Terms
Registration for the competition is free. It is open to long & short films, as well as documentaries.
The selection for the long movies is based on the production from French overseas department, Caribbean countries and French speaking African countries. They have to be at least 60 minutes long, or more.
Seven long movies will be selected to enter the competition.

The selection for the documentaries is based on the production by French, English and Spanish speaking Carribean countries _ including French Guiana. They must be aspiring to true cinematographic work. There is no constraint as regard the themes or


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair