Fantafestival (Italian: Mostra Internazionale del Film di Fantascienza e del Fantastico: English International Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Show ) is a film festival devoted to science fiction, fantasy and horror films that is held annually in Italy since 1981.

Fantafestival takes place every year in Rome. In the past years, while maintaining its headquarters in Rome, some editions were held in contemporary in different Italian cities like Milan, Naples, Genoa, Verona, Parma and Ravenna.

For more than 30 years, Fantafestival has been one of the leading Italian events specialized in fantastic films and one of the most important international events of this kind. It has presented and launched in Italy many filmmakers who later would become among the most popular in the fantastic film world.

Awards & Prizes
Golden Bat
- Best Italian Movie
- Best International Movie
- Best Italian Short
- Best International Short

Mario Bava Award for Best Debut Film

Rules & Terms
Accepted submissions include movies, shorts and occasionally documentaries belonging to the fantastic genre (science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal and all related genres).

Should the work be selected for the Fantafestival, it will be necessary to provide the following materials:

Screening source:
- Standard definition: DVD or file, preferably with MPEG2 encoding
- High definition: DCP, Blu-ray or file, preferably with H264 or MPEG4 encoding

For all non-Italian materials, subtitles or a dialogue list will be required in order to make the Italian subtitles (unless Italian subtitles are already available). Subtitles or dialogue lists should be in English. Please provide at least two copies of DVDs or Blu-rays.

Promotional material: movie artwork and at least three high-resolution pictures. If available, include a director’s picture. Promotional materials can be sent to (if necessary, use a large file transfer service provider).

By submitting your work to Fantafestival you authorize the use and the storage of the personal data hereby included. These data will be kept safely, they will not be given to third parties and they will be used exclusively for the intended purposes, which are the selection and promotion of works for the Fantafestival.

Should the work be selected, you authorize the public screening exclusively during the Fantafestival. You also authorize the use of the artworks and the pictures provided for promotional purposes and their inclusion in the Fantafestival’s catalogue.

You hold the rights indicated in article 7 of Italian legislative decree 196/2003: at any time you can ask which data of yours are in our archive, you can ask to remove them, to modify them, or to make them anonymous. The owner of the data is: Grandi Eventi Culturali, Via Cicerone 60, 00193 Roma - Italy.

For any further information please contact:


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