Falcon International Film Festival

Falcon International Film Festival is changing the way that people think of short films. We are looking for the very best short films that are entertaining and tell a story. The sort of short films that people want to watch. That make them laugh. Or cry. That shock and surprise.

The new season is now open!! Send your movie and win our trophy.

Annual event in London with workshops, meetings and prizes night.

* Trophy or special wax sealed certificate

* Press release sent to the winners

* The monthly winners will be shared on our website social

* The annual winners will be shared with the official press release
Now FIFFLONDON Award is on IMDB !!

Send us your "title" and your "name" recorded on IMDB and we will add your win on IMDB.
All the monthly winners will receive a press release to share with local media.

We will send, while the year, tips and news to our participants to help them to share their movies.

At the annual event, we offer you workshop and a nice place to meet other producers, directors, and actors!!
The monthly winner like "Best of the month" will receive our prestigious trophy.
NOTE: you can choose one monthly category like "best feature film" or "best short" or directly the annual category "ANNUAL FESTIVAL" and participate in the annual festival directly if your movie is selected.
Notification for monthly edition: every 7th next month. All the winners as best of the month will participate in the annual festival.
Every month we select movies. Notification date is 7th next month. If you don't want your movie is live screening, please contact us. Only selected movies will be screened in live.
The Fifflondon is a monthly festival with yearly live screening in London that awards the best movies from every corner of the planet.
Unlike some other festivals of this kind, we take the award giving very seriously and only do so after a very careful evaluation; also, we provide a clear motivation for our choice.
We strongly believe that every movie is the result of hard work and, as such, they deserve our jury’s full attention during the evaluation and the best works deserve our acknowledgement and appreciation.
The selected movies, as well as the winners, will receive a golden laurel wreath, which can be used in advertising material.
As a part of this festival occurs every month, there are more chances to hang the golden laurel on your favourite movies!

In the end of the year, the winner's movies are invited to our annual live screening event on 26th February 2019. The live screening location for 2019 will be in London!!

We show their movies and we announce the winners of the annual contest.
Will be an amazing event and a good opportunity to take pictures and interviews with our trophy in your hands.
There will be a photographer to take pictures of the director and cast. Each winner will be interviewed and the interview will be shared on our Vimeo Channel and social media
Furthermore, every month we select the movies which can run for secondary awards: only one movie will be awarded as “best movie”, whereas the others will be able to win in subcategories – that is, if they deserve it.
At the end of the year, all the movies that had won a category will take part in the annual event and could be crowned best movie of the year and win the prestigious trophy!
We prefer receiving also the movie trailer so that we can share it on our website together with the poster, but that is not a participation requirement.
The winners of the monthly edition will automatically enter the annual competition, free of charge.
How it works

1) Every month there is a selection of the movies that will take part in the annual event. Along with the main categories (such as feature film, short film, documentary…), there will be subcategories; it is required to be entered in one of the main categories to be able to win one of the subcategories.

2) At the end of the month, we will choose the winners for each category and the general winner.

3) In December we will open the annual contest to all the movies, which will be enlisted as well as the monthly winners. The annual prizes for each category will be awarded.

4) Only one movie will be awarded Best Movie of the year and will feature the home page of our website for 12 months.


An event where you are the starring! A day in prestigious location (in downtown London) with a live screening of the best movie of the year! One occasion to take a picture with our prestigious trophy and to meet others filmmakers. One month before the date we will contact you with the exact program.

We want to create an event where the director can meet other director or producers and new actors.

Awards & Prizes
1. Every month: we give the prize “Best of the month”. The monthly winners will receive our certificate via email (PDF format). Is it possible to have the original with wax seal paying £35 (to ship worldwide). Check our website to have much info about the certificate. www.fifflondon.org.

2. Every month: we award in different genres and categories

3. Annual festival: we award prize like “best of the year” and prizes for each category (of the year). The annual winners (of the main categories) can receive the trophy. If a winner (main category) don’t attend the event can receive the trophy paying the shipping cost; the annual winners of the additional categories who don’t attend the event will receive the wax sealed certificate only; however, they can buy the trophy.

4) You can participate in the monthly edition or directly in the annual. If you win the monthly you will be entered into the annual edition in the same category you have won.
Eligibility for Annual Awards: the monthly winners are finalist will be entered into the annual contest.

All submissions in personal categories (like “best actor” or “best director”) need the name of the person you are registering to the category. You can send us with the cover letter.
The number of awards given every month varies on the basis of the submission we received. We give one trophy for free every month (to the "Best of the month").

In the annual event in London we award with our trophy the main categories.
Winning films are announced on our website and our social media page. Each winner will receive email with the certificate.

Awards & Prizes
Audience Award
Judges Award
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Comedy
Best Cross-over
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Short
Best Documentary
Best Drama
Best Experimental
Best Micro Budget
Best Narrative
Best Horror
Best Sci Fi
Best in Festival
Critics Awards
Debut Awards

Rules & Terms
All works that evidence a high regard for artistic innovation, sensitivity to content, and personal involvement with the medium will be welcomed.

* Please note *
We do not accept mailed in screeners (please do not send DVDs, BLURAYs, or flash drives to our office).

We do not accept prescreening materials through email and are unable to download files from sharing services. Submissions are only accepted through our filmfreeway or other online accounts.

An entrant must accept our prescreening process; Entries must be original works. Falcon International Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Falcon International Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

Rules & Terms

1) Short films: maximum 30 minutes. Feature films: 31 minutes and more. It’s necessary
to choose the main category, then is possible to add an additional category. Additional category only will be not accepted.

2) One film can be entered in multiple categories. Is necessary to pay the entry fee for each category.

3) All foreign films must be subtitled in English.

4) We download your movie to show in live screening; we don't share your movie. If you do not want your movie is showed you can send us an email. Only our judges will see your movie.
5) Every winner like “best of the month” can receive our trophy paying only the shipping cost (£60 in the world and £25 in Europe). The “best of the year” will receive the trophy without paying shipping cost. The winner (to get the prize) must contact us within 15 days after the notification. The annual winners get the trophy only if they attend the London event. However, all the annual winners will receive the PDF certificates.
6) All the winners will receive our official certificate (PDF format). They can buy the original certificate with wax seal for £35.00.
7) Entry fees are non-refundable.
8) We prefer movie with trailer for sharing on our Social media channels but is not necessary to enter into the festival
9) Festival Director reserves the right to take all decision about the festival.
The decision of jury members will be final and accepted by all no inquiries or arguments will be entertained.
10) The organisers reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes.
11) The applicant confirms that he/she has the requisite authority or has obtained the requisite authority from the producer/right holder to enter this film in the Falcon International Film Festival.
12) Under NO circumstance, the authorities of fifflondon will not entertain or be answerable to anyone else apart from the applicant.
13) All submissions in personal categories (like “best actor” or “best director”) need the name of the person you are registering to the category. You can send us with the cover letter. The name must match with the real person who covers the role.
14) Submitting the movie the applicant accepts we can share trailer, pictures and posters of the movie with our social page, website, and other media. If the applicant doesn't want, have to send us an email.
15) In the end of the month we notify if the movie is selected or not selected; at 7th of the next month we send a notification to the winners and we share the winner's list on our Web Site. We don't share the monthly selected movie but only the winners.
16) We can withdraw at any time the selection or the award if these rules are not respected.
17) We don't answer questions about the selection. Our judges are free to decide if a movie is worthy to be selected or not.
18) The winner like "Best of the month" must contact us saying if he prefers the shipping to home or pick-up the trophy during the London Event within 21 days after the notification.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair