Everyday Arias

October 17, 2018
Event Date

Everyday Arias is a project that hopes to combine the art of opera with short films. We welcome short film submissions lasting no more than 20 minutes focusing on an aria or particular aspect of an opera from any period and tradition e.g Chinese opera, Noh, Kathakali etc

This year alone, we have screened our wonderful selection of films at Hinckley Fringe Opera Festival, Gallery at Republic London and been invited to Hyderbad Indywood Film Carnival.

Awards & Prizes
This festival is a celebration of art and is not a competition.

Rules & Terms
- Films must be no longer than 20 minutes long
-Films must contain some aspect or element of opera or some music drama tradition i.e Chinese opera,Kathakali , Noh, Tazeeieh etc .


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair