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Our Vision
Our vision is to expose a new generation of North American college students to stories about cultures, issues, and people often ignored or misrepresented in dominant media narratives. With a critical eye on local, global, and glocal realities, we intend to create an ever-growing online channel for social documentaries, contextualized for higher learning so that authentic perspectives can be explored. We aim to be a major resource for both pedagogical and independent film practices, generating critical content that engages, challenges and deepens discourse within the field of the humanities.

Join our 3rd global short film contest in Spring 2018 and BE A VOICE!
No matter if it is at an Amish community elementary school, a church in a small and safe town, a person at the borders of a country, a teenager in the streets of their city, or a toddler behind the doors of a bunker. Once the trigger is pulled, the life of a person, family, community, or a whole country may change

Please join us to share stories by and about local or international communities on the use of GUNS.

SPEAK OUT and give a voice to the pressing issues of our time.

Docademia welcomes any short documentary between 3 to 20 minutes that addresses the issues related to GUNS!

Submissions must have English subtitles.

Hashtags: #guns#war#violence#gangs#missiles#weapons#Second Amendment#school shootings#shooting#mass shootings#arlingtonheights#shooting#

About Docademia:
Docademia is a video on demand service that offers the best in social documentary packaged for educators. Our social enterprise site showcases work by and about marginalized communities, giving a platform to underrepresented voices around the world through the lenses of social documentary filmmakers. We conduct competitions to select top documentaries from around the globe, then make this winning content available to educators and institutions of higher learning.

The Festival

The 3rd Docademia festival will take place on June 6th, 2019 at University of Chicago, in the United States. The event involves screenings of top three selected films for faculty and students.

A Q&A session with the winning filmmakers will follow the screenings. The winners are invited to participate in a live discussion with the audience either in person or via video conference and discuss their film topics with scholars and advocates in the field of humanities.

Awards & Prizes
Filmmakers will have a chance to compete for $700, $300, $150 cash prizes, as well as the opportunity to license their film through Docademia. Runners up will also be given distribution deals and have opportunities to collect royalties when their film is purchased by teachers and institutions of higher learning.

Rules & Terms
Submissions MUST have English subtitles.

Make sure to read our submission criteria before you submit your film:
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Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair