Copenhagen Web Fest

Scandinavia's first International Web Fest. Copenhagen (CPH) web fest has been created to shed light on all the inspiring and innovative projects designed for new platforms.​ 2018 will be the festivals first year running. We are excited to announce the program as soon as it is completed. Please stay updated on our Facebook or website for all announcements.

Awards & Prizes

*Best Danish Web Series*
*Best International Web Series*
*Best Documentary Web Series*
*Best Mobile Project*

Screenplay Awards:

*Best Danish Web Series Screenplay*
*Best International Web Series Screenplay*

Youth Award:
*Young Visionary Award*

Student Awards:
*Copenhagen University Award*

Virtual reality (VR) Award:
*New Innovator Award*

Cast & Crew Awards

*Best Director*
*Best Cinematography*
*Best Actress*
*Best Actor*


*Young Visionary Award* - For projects created by ages 17 and under.
Must be 17 years of age or under. Screenplays or films acceptable. (FREE ENTRY)
Director must be 17 or under during time of production OR key decision makers must be 17 or younger during production.

*Best Mobile Project*- Any length accepted. Must be shot on a smart phone.

*Copenhagen University Award*- Only for students enrolled or graduated from Copenhagen University (FREE ENTRY)

*New Innovator Award* - For virtual reality (VR) projects.
-Anyone can submit
-Free for Copenhagen University students or anyone 17 and under.


Festival Trophy & Official festival certificate
Sponsored packages
and more.

More in detail to be annouced.

Rules & Terms

Web series rules:

Your web series must have atleast 2 produced episodes for judging. If your web series has not been shown to the public please provide us with a link and password.

We accept new web series and any series produced from 2014 to present.

DANISH WEBSERIES: English subtitles not needed for judging but if choosen for Viewing/Ofiicial selection then subtitles must be made available.

INTERNATIONAL WEBSERIES: Must have subtitles available in English.

Screenplay rules: All scripts must be in Danish or English.

1) Produced screenplays (Provide a link to produced project) *You will only be judged on the screenplay, not the production.
2) Non-produced screenplays (Should include: 1 page treatment overview of the entire series) (Pilots are accepted)

Mobile rules:

To be considered of the mobile award, You have must have shot a project on any mobile phone. (All lengths are considered)

Young Visionary Award: (MUST BE 17 YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER)

Copenhagen University Student Award/VR: Only for students enrolled or graduated from Copenhagen University (FREE ENTRY)
*Any production completed at Copenhagen University*
*Must send copy of student ID card*

*** By submitting, you agree to allow us to screen your submission at our event***


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair