Chania Film Festival

Chania Film Festival is an international festival taking place on the island of Crete, at the last week of October every year. A big annual celebration of the 7th Art in the middle of autumn in the beautiful town of Chania.
An organization that quickly became an institution with worldwide collaborations, with many parallel events, recognition and acceptance. A cinematographic event that aspires to host the best films in the field of cinema, from all around the world. A meeting place for fiction films, documentary and animation films, as well as directors, producers and actors.

Who we are:
Chania Film Festival (CFF) is planned and organized by the non-profit civil partnership Crete Cultural Organization.
Crete Cultural Organization was founded in 2002 to promote culture and cultural, educational, informative, artistic and related publishing activities.
Cinema and education are at the heart of the CCOs and since the founding of the organization the cineLessons have played a major role in its activities. Chania Film Festival (CFF) is a ripe fruit of cinematographic interventions and synergies of the Cultural Society of Crete.
Since the establishment of the Crete Cultural Organization we are present in constant intervention in the field of culture and education having developed a series of dozens of actions focusing on cinema, education, rural tourism, the Cretan diet, local history, sustainable development.
Some of the cultural actions of the Crete Cultural Organization are:
The monthly newspaper “Compass Of the City”, actions like “Villages With Lights Turned On”, the Festival “Chania Film Panorama”, the “cine-Stories”, educational action “cineLessons”, the research activity “Pictures from Professions that are lost”.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair