Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF

Athens International Digital Film Festival stands as an international meeting point for creators and audience, since its very first year. Simultaneously it achieved an alignment with the major developments regarding cinema, which is steadily moving towards the Digital Age. Featured as an innovative Festival it soon experienced an unexpected response from many filmmakers around the world.

Digital Cinema has created an unprecedented technological revolution in the film industry, also affecting television and internet. The ergonomics and availability of digital cameras along with the endless possibilities of digital editing expand the capabilities of modern filmmakers allowing them to achieve traditionally impossible things. Thus a vibrant community is rising all around the world of millions who are interested in cinema, which continues to gather heads and affect the other arts, which often borrow tools, technology and ideas inspired by cinema to create new art species.
Our Festival, while progressing the idea of digital cinema, concludes fiction films, documentaries, animation, video art, video dance, experimental and student films that were created by using new digital media.

Awards & Prizes
1st’ Best Short Film,2nd’ Best Short Film,3rd’ Best Short Film, Best Documentary ,Best Direction, Best Scenography ,Best Video Art ,Best Video Dance ,Best Experimental ,Best Animation ,Best Interpretation ,Best Photography ,Best Editing ,Best Screenplay ,Best Music, Honours

Rules & Terms
Operation Rules for the 5th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF
Participation in the Festival:
Each director has the right to participate in more than one film.
The film must belong to one of the following categories:

- Fiction
- Experimental
- Video art
-Video Dance
- Documentary

The subject of the films is up to the inspiration of the authors.

Also, there is no limitation in the way the film was directed.

The films will be sent electronically to code in vimeo order from there to be able to descend download. The quality is Final projection quality cut The film should be completed in a maximum period of 18 months before the date of the Festival. If the tape has been raised on the Internet, the festival organizing committee will decide on participation. (The creator must make this information available to the Festival).

The choice of the films that are going to be projected, the projection order of them, and the program are defined by the Organizing Committee of the Festival, which, according to the technical peculiarities, the length and the clustering of the films by genre, determines with its own responsibility the program overall.
To submit your participation in the Festival you must fill the application form that you can find at our website (and fill the form and the word)

We note that in order to test your application, all the fields of the application form must be filled and the application has to be signed.

Together with the application form should be sent:
Since the movie and the application form are submitted, for no reason the director or the producer has the right to withdraw.

The organizing committee in cooperation with the art director of the Festival selects jury. Jury is composed by personalities who are recognized and successful in filming. Festival’s art director has the right to participate in one or all juries. All decisions and results of each jury are taken by majority.

Athens International Digital Film Festival reserves the right to review all categories and prices of the Festival anytime and without prior notice.

In case that a movie is awarded, our Festival would like to be included in the titles of the movie the genre and the type of the award. Athens International Digital Film Festival is not responsible for any loss of film material before or after the Festival and is not obliged to return anything that has been sent.

The Festival is also allowed to show, in and out of the venue, part of movies that have been sent, whenever it is necessary or useful for promotional purposes and promotion of the Festival and never for commercial purposes.

If anyone, director or producer, is opposite to this position, this has to be mentioned to the application form. The sending of the signed application form implies full and unconditional acceptance of the above terms of participation.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair