Art is Alive Film Festival

I have had great success by running my Art is Alive Film Festival these last two years, and now wish to spread my artistic accolades to other locations. I was fortunate enough to find a location that wishes to host another film festival in 2018, hence, the creation of Art is Alive - Los Angeles was formulated.

This year's event shall include film screenings, live music, one celebrity event, and one industry panel relative to film distribution.

Finally, I wish to bring the benefits of my original NYC Art is Alive Film Festival to LA. So...all winners will receive trophies and monetary compensation. Each winner will get a film review done and published before the end of 2018. Further, all will be offered the opportunity to get media exposure through my radio show for their project, and of course, lots of chances to meet with fellow filmmakers by which to create new projects!

Awards & Prizes
Best Director

Best Short Film

Best Feature Film

Best Actor

Best Musical Video

Best TV Pilot

Rules & Terms
Film submissions must not have any distribution deals, be available online, or be available for purchase at the time of festival screening.

Films of a taboo nature (incest, porn, highly sexual or abuse of animals or children) are not accepted.

We do not accept rough cuts or work in progress.

All international films submitted must have English subtitles.

You may submit to AIA FF while having submitted to other festivals.

We accept films in the following categories: Romance, Sci Fi, Horror, Animated, Comedy, Documentary, International, and LGBT. Films 5-30 minutes in length are considered shorts; 35 to 90 minutes are features. We do not accept any film that is more than 90 minutes long.

This year, I am also allowing the screening of TV pilots that are no more than 60 minutes long, as well as music video content that lasts no longer than 10 minutes in length.

All filmmakers must secure any and all necessary licenses or permits associated with showing said film.

All submissions are to be done directly to the festival via this website. If your film is selected, we will contact you about press kits and screeners through email.

No refunds are to be given on entry fees.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair