The Animattikon Project

The Animattikon Project is an event celebrating the art of animated film in all its aspects. Along with the projections of the animated films of the official selection, it offers a series of animation workshops, organized by animators from all over the world.
The Animattikon Project takes place in the town of Paphos, Cyprus. It takes its name after the Attikon Cinema, a historical theater, dating from 1938. As the second oldest cinema in Paphos, the Attikon cinema is one of the few points of reference that all generations of people of Paphos share.
Along with the workshops, the Animattikon Project proposes lectures, conferences and performances. It aims at presenting Animation as a true and complete form of art, in all its levels and at giving access to its techniques and secrets to the wide public.
It started as a project of the European Capital of Culture PAFOS2017 and is now an annual event having a double function: a venue for animators to show their work and an opportunity for the public to learn in depth the art of animation.

What's new for the second edition:
This year we are adding a separate category to which you can submit your films: The Halloween Special Screening. During the first edition of the Animattikon Project, we organized a Halloween Special, during which we screened films by directors that we invited. This year we are opening up this event for submissions. If your animated short deals with the genres of horror, thriller, suspense, fantasy or any other Halloween-related genre, you can submit it for this category.

Awards & Prizes
All selected films will be screened during the week of the Animattikon Project.
The Animattikon Project is not a competing festival so no money awards are given. Instead, all filmmakers whose films are selected will receive an original artwork: a hand printed, numbered and signed 30cm X 42cm silkscreen of the festival's poster.

Rules & Terms
Any short animated film not exceeding the duration of 15 minutes is eligible. All techniques are accepted.
No premiere status is required and the film may be available online. The date of the film's production is irrelevant.

Do NOT send us links to fully download your film. We do not have the capacity to download thousands of films, so make sure your film is available for viewing on Vimeo or YouTube. If the link is private please provide the code along with the submission.
We do NOT accept films that require a screening fee.

In case your film is selected:
If your film is selected you will be asked to send a full HD version of it in an .mp4 format (H.264) through Dropbox or WeTransfer, for us to download.
Hard copies are not required nor accepted.
By submitting your film to the Aimattikon Project, you are declaring that you own the rights to the material submitted.

For promotional purposes:
Up to three film stills, as well as the film's poster, are required for promotional purposes. By providing them you accord to the Animattikon Project the right to use them.
You also accord to the Animattikon Project the right to use up to ten seconds of our film for the creation of a trailer for the festival.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair

Director: Dana Sink
Director: Dana Sink
Director: Dana Sink
Director: Ruifan Wang
Director: Ruifan Wang
Director: Elmira Bagherzadeh
Director: Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi
Director: Cenk Köksal and Özgül Gürbüz
Director: Marco Jemolo
Director: Marzieh Abrarpaydar