The animation Showcase

"The animation Showcase" helps to promote animated films in the world.

Best known in London for creating free tickets events Showcasing the best of the animated creation in private clubs, animation studios and startups, The animation Showcase also provide all sort of services to help directors, producers, project holder, studios and organizations to promote their work to the creative industry such as :

- Consulting - Strategy - Communication - Public relation - Social Media - SEO - Distribution - Talent Scouting - Recruitment - Media content - Agency - Representation - Network Access - Press Release - Legal advice -

"The animation Showcase" is involved in many concrete actions in the creative industry, advising Vimeo curators for their daily Staff pick selection, giving conference in Soho House, Youtube Space, being a Jury for UNESCO special animation Program, Jury at VOTD, teaching at SUPINFOCOM animation School and Atelier Hourdé in Paris, and write in talent scout magazines.

Involved in 3 different funding campaigns, 200 000$ were found to help animated project to be created. The company helped more than 50 high quality animated projects since its creation.

In 2016 "The animation Showcase" works on the strategy to qualified to the Academy Award the short film "To build a Fire / Construire un feu" directed by FX Goby and co-produced by Composite Films and Nexus.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair