Aarogya Film Festival

Aarogya Film Festival, an initiative of the P.M. Shah Foundation, combines the zest to spread awareness about health with the ever-effective medium of cinema. Beginning with 2010, we have showcased films that have focused on important health issue with their contextual gravity. The 6th Aaorgya Film Festival, scheduled in December 2016, aims to become bigger and better. Our motive remains to discover films that are made in nooks and corners of various countries, highlighting niche health problems.

Rules & Terms
Films entered in the competition section must fulfil the following conditions -
»After submitting the form, please send 2 DVDs of your film to the address given here.

»If you're submitting the form offline, please send the form along with a) Director's Passport size Photograph b) Poster of the Film and c) Photograph taken during the making of the Film at the same address.

» Films must be submitted in DVD format only

» The purpose of this festival is solely to spread awareness. Hence no entry fee is applicable for entering the films in the competition

» The films must be either documentary films or short films

» Duration: Documentary films must not exceed 60 minutes Short films must not exceed 30 minutes

» The films entering the competition must have been made in or after the year 2013

» Focus of the films must be on the different aspects of specific health issues. Films dealing with topics like health rights, laws, treatments, cures, etc can also participate in the competition.

Entries will be subject to preview by a committee constituted by the Festival Director. All rights to present the film will be reserved with the festival authorities. The films can also be screened at other festivals for awareness purpose.


Films from the Washington Film Festival screening at the World Film Fair