Martial Arts

Imagination Lunchbox International Childrens Film Festival

Imagination Lunchbox is a film production company based in Baltimore, Maryland. After screening films at numerous festivals across the country, we realized that there was a need for kid focused films in the Baltimore, Maryland and general area. It seemed only appropriate that a company well-known for kid centered films would be the perfect organization to help fill this need.

Reel Pitch Challenge

Life of making a film? Blood, sweat, tears & fundraising!

The Audience Awards is here to help. Filmmakers from around the globe are invited to submit a pitch video of your film or web series and an industry jury + the global audience will select their favorites to award a share of $28,998 to four deserving film projects.

Tlanchana Fest


Tlanchana Fest, Festival de Cine y Arte Digital, es un encuentro que fusiona el encanto del cine con la innovación del arte digital. Surge como respuesta a la preocupación de establecer un foro audiovisual en Metepec, que pondrá a disposición de todos, la innovación y la frescura que solo el cine independiente, comercial y experimental puede ofrecer.