WINDSTORM and The Wild Horses


Mika has now become a reputed 'horse whisperer’. With her beloved black stallion Windstorm, one day, they depart for Spain, where Windstorm has come from. There she discovers a magical oasis where a large herd of wild horses live. They feel very much at home. However, the owner is forced to sell the land to a big company that covets its spring water. To save the oasis, Mika plans to revive an old tradition: a wild horse race. If the event is a success, the oasis will earn heritage status and government protection. Mika and Windstorm must prepare not only for the race, but the greatest choice both of them will have to make...

Katja von Garnier
Lea Schmidbauer, Kristina Magdalena Henn
Darsteller: Hanna Binke (Mika), Lea Van Acken (Samantha), Amber Bongard (Fanny), Marvin Linke (Sam), Nicolette Krebitz (Tara), Thomas Sarbacher (Pedro), Jannis Niewöhner (Milan), Cornelia Froboess (Maria Kaltenbach), Tilo Prückner (Herr Kaan) ..
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