There's A Monster in My Closet


A short screenplay 'There's A Monster in My Closet', written by Alena Cadova, was nominated for The Best Short Screenplay Award at six different film festivals or screenplay contests last year. After the Runner-up Award in December 2016, the screenplay won the Best Short Screenplay Award at New York Screenplay Festival in May 2017. 

The short screenplay reveals a story of a little girl who has an unusual liking for horrors, ghosts, and scary tales. Her mother is concerned about her daughter's mental condition, due to recurrent panic attacks at night and constant complaining about a monster hiding in her closet. The truth is much scarier and more shocking since the girl is facing a real menace. The word 'monster' gets a totally different meaning here. SPOILER: The girl is being sexually abused by her father. At her age, she’s not able to name the real source of her problems, because it’s her father afterall, and father can do anything; father would never hurt his little princess. Instead of telling her mom the truth, she constantly asks her for help, claiming that at night, an evil boogeyman is coming out of her closet. 

The jury of the contest 13HORROR.COM FILM & SCREENPLAY CONTEST said about the story: "There’s a Monster in My Closet really, really impressed me. The writing is of an extremely high standard and the whole piece is very atmospheric. I got fully immersed in the story and it would be great to see it made into a film. It’s better than a lot of the shorts I see at horror festivals. It’s also clever – the clues of the twist are seeded very early. Great job."

Another feedback from a jury member from Find-the-Gem Short Screenplay Competition says: "This writer has a natural talent to NOT write clichés. Being in a theater, listening to the tense music, the sound effects, etc.. that makes me slide down into my seat for “protection” is the fun of horror films. The writer did a fine job making me feel this way with just print on paper!"

Alena Cadova
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