What does it take to be a boxer today? Not only a boxer but a female, Native American? Watch Shiloh's journey as we get a glimpse of what it takes to become a fighter. Already having won the 2015 Inter-collegiate title, this motivating story of a beautiful, hard working, young college student and her dreams will keep you cheering her on. Shiloh is the inspiring journey of Shy LeBeau.

"Shiloh" about a female Dine' Boxer, Directed by Mark Williams, has been accepted in several film festivals including:
Tribal Film Festival
Gallup Film Festival (Best Short Documentary winner)
Red Nation Film Festival (Best Short Doc winner)
Wexford Film Festival (in Ireland)
Durango International Film Festival
Red Fork Native American Film Festival
Red Dirt Film Festival

Mark Williams
Celia Xavier and Mark Williams
Mark Williams
Shy LeBeau
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