How will history judge us? Over the past several centuries, humanity has raked the land of its resources, threatening the balance of the natural world. The nature of the earnings that define late capitalism have incidentally raped us of nature itself. The world, no longer in focus, has succumb to a blur of movement amidst the obscurity of media images and sequence of endless distractions and schizophrenic moments. In the space of post-history where all grand narratives dissipate, technological dependency diminishes the tangibility of our experiences. Our collective consciousness has been reduced to a scattered daze that drifts from the new multiplex to old strip mall, from one meal to the next, twitter to text message, coffee to cigarette, rush hour traffic and the fast food drive thru. The social landscape has become a noisy, fractured space dominated by advertisements. Ideologically encoded, the media posits meaning through the relational system of signs. Ultimately, these binaries confirm the complicities of the medium and dismiss the fragile argument that photography is merely a tool of mimesis. Truth is lost amongst the arbitrary and insignificant objectives semiotically spun as we back sedated by the flickering screen and the false promises it proposes for the future it truncates.

Sam Heydt
Sam Heydt
Sam Heydt
Sam Heydt
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