Playing House


A little girl is playing house by herself. She makes food out of toys and sets the table. Then a little boy comes in, and she greets him with a smile. They sit by the table. Suddenly, the boy gets angry as if he doesn't like the food and has an outburst. Then her doll baby cries, he looks at it and walks towards it. The girl grabs the doll and defends it. He gets even angrier and walks towards her this time. He corners her and raises his hand as if he will hit her.
Then an adult voice is heard and it breaks the moment. Boy's father is calling out for him rudely and aggressively.
The children kiss and farewell each other.
Boy leaves, girl waves to him and minds her own play time after that.

Cenk Köksal and Özgül Gürbüz
Cenk Köksal
Cenk Köksal and Özgül Gürbüz
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