With her unmatched dedication and work ethic, it is no surprise that
Victoria Rodriguez, a featherweight boxer, has earned her long-awaited
shot at the title. Victoria has high hopes for herself in the boxing
world. However, a drunken night with her married trainer leads to some
life-changing circumstances in her quest to reach her goals. Victoria
doesn’t tell her trainer that she is pregnant with what would be his
second daughter, but she decides to keep the child. Because she shows
no physical symptoms in these first few weeks of pregnancy, she
continues her fight preparation. She’s come too far to stop now.
Armored with the belief that “women can have it all,” Victoria pays
off her doctor to lie about her pregnancy so that she can fight.
Believing in Victoria and her goals, he agrees. She will do whatever
it takes. Victoria enters the ring prepared to win and tell her future
daughter all about it. But this fight quickly becomes her toughest
yet. The panic sets in. Her torso’s a target for her opposition as she
fights to protect her child and her title.

Carol Garlick
LEILA RUSCIANI [Victoria Rodriguez] is an Italian Moroccan New York-based actress who attended the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Within a few months of moving to New York, she became a recurring cartoon voice-over artist for Audio
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